Unto the Good People of One Thousand Eyes, received these warm greetings from Avelyn and Alan, Baroness and Baron of this noble Barony!

We write this missive to you in Yule time, hoping your homes are warm and snug against the cold and wind.  But even though the nights are long, the day light increases with each sun rise, and soon we will see warmer weather comes, and the green of Our lands return.

We welcome the New Year, and all that it brings.  The past year was full of positive changes for the Barony, and We look forward to even more positive movement forward.

On January 20, the Soaring Peacock's event will be held at the York Grange, just south of Idaho Falls.  We encourage you to come out and share some fun and fellowship in mid-winter.

On March 17, Our Baronesses Championship will be held, again at the York Grange.  There will be fun and fighting and all manner of good times to be had.  As this falls on St. Patrick's Day, the mood of the event will mirror that celebration.

Last, but hardly least, Uprising will be held June 13-17, Wednesday through Sunday.  This will be Uprising 31, and We hope to start the 4th Decade of Uprising off with a wonderful event.  Classes, merchants, fighting, archery and the magic of Uprising will be enjoyed by all.  Plan your vacation time to attend and have fun with Us!

More details on all these events will be found elsewhere in the Argus.

We will be traveling to other groups throughout Artemisia, and beyond.  We highly encourgage you  to travel.  We frequently have space in our vehicles, and would love to give you a ride with Us.

Finally, We do challenge each of you to do two things this next year.  First, We would challenge you to write and article for the Argus, about something you wish to share with the rest of the populace.  Any articles will be cheerfully accepted!  Second, and possibly even more important, We challenge each of you to bring a new person into the SCA this next year.  Introduce others into the wonderful world We all share!