Unto the Great People of One Thousand Eyes, greetings from Avelyn and Alan, Baroness and Baron of this fine Barony!


Thirty years ago, the Shire of One Thousand Eyes was busily preparing to become the Barony of One Thousand Eyes. This was taking place in the region of Artemisia, which would not become a Principality until the following spring. The founding Baron and Baroness, Edward and Alessandra guided the new Barony in the right direction. Many Barons and Baroness' who have held the Peacock Coronets through the years, have helped guide the Populace of One Thousand Eyes to the position we have today. The Barony has had many of it's people go on in the SCA to become Peers and Royalty. Some went on to be officers for the Principality and Kingdom. The Barony has much to be proud of, including hosting Uprising, for 30 years. What a great set of accomplishments! We are confident that One Thousand Eyes will start it's fourth decade, and seek to reach even further heights. Thank you all for being part of this great journey. Baronial Birthday will be held on Saturday, November 11, in Blackfoot at the Jason Lee Methodist Church. It will be a fun and notable day. Come help celebrate our 39th Birthday. We are seeking bids for the March Baronesses Champion event, as well as Uprising. We need to make haste on both of these events. We have been enjoying going to events in other groups, and would urge you to consider traveling when possible. Car pooling is fun, and more economical for everyone, so consider taking some time to see how other groups play. We would like to point out that the Estrella War in Phoenix, Arizona in February is an especially fun event… in the cold Idaho winter, it's much nicer and warmer down there!