Unto the Great Populace of One Thousand Eyes, Receive these greetings from Avelyn and Alan, Baroness and Baron,


We have been very happy with the progress of the Barony in having more activities.  On July 22, a Archery competition was held.  The weather was fine, and shade was plentiful.  The archery course was challenging and fun.  One challenge, shooting into a castle merlon, was so difficult that no one scored any points on it.  Lord Sevya observed that it's better to be inside the castle.  16 Adults and 5 children attended.  The victor of the Archery Competition was Lord Sevya.

A Renn Fair was held in Rexburg the last two weekends in July.  Several members of the Barony volunteered to put on a demo for the participants.  This was one of the best recruiting efforts that we have had in YEARS!  Sixty people signed up for further information on the SCA!  We were very excited about how excited they were!  The organizers of the Renn Fair were very happy we participated and have asked us to demo next year.

We would like to thank the people who have been coming to fighter practice in garb.  Our new fighter practice site is highly visible, and being in garb helps attrract newcomers.  Baronial members attending fighter practice have been fantastic about talking to these curious observers and explaining what the SCA is about.  Thanks for being willing to explain things, and how we operate.  That is how we will get new members in our Barony.

We are still actively seeking a winter practice site.  Though the days are hot now, that will change all too soon, and we want to have a nice warm site to retreat to when the winter tempest descend upon our Baronial lands.

August 12 will be an Arts and Sciences Competition, held in Idaho Falls.  We hightly encourage everyone to put out at least one piece of work that they have done.  If you hare interested in the actual competition, you will need documentation.  However, if you just want to display your work, no documentation is required.  We want to see what you have been workingon!  The Barony has an enourmous pool of talent, that we are very proud of.  Please display that talent for others to see.  There is more information about this gathering on the Baronial web site.


Please consider how we can recruit new members into our hobby.  A group that doesn't grow will stagnate, and that isn't good.  Let others have the opportunity to enjoy the SCA as much as you do.  There is SO much to do in the SCA, and so many things to learn, we have only to let people know we are out there, and they will come to play.  A comment commonly heard at the Renn Fair when they saw our display was that they had heard of the SCA, but didn't know we were in the area.  We must work to change that,

With everyone pitiching in, the Barony will prosper and grow.  We have seen new members join, and members who were inactive return to play again.  This is what we should all be working toward.

The Populace Meeting will be on August 8, starting at 7:30.  The location will be the Rogers Building at B Street and Shoup.  There is an entrance door on both streets to access in.    We hope to see you there so we can learn the wishes of the Populace and the direction you want the Barony to go.

Last, but hardly least, We are extremely happy to announce that HE Sheelaugh, who is auto-crat for Baronial Birthday in November, was able to move the event site to the Jason Lee Church in Blackfoot.  This required some work on Her Excellency's part, and We are grateful for her efforts!  Thank You!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Us directly.